Perspectives On The Future

Did you ever wish to escape your own perspective at least for a moment?

Did you ever imagine how reality is from another point of view?

Did you ever feel that the barrier between individuals is too thick to be knocked down?

Did you ever feel misunderstood or unable to understand others?

This project is the answer you were looking for: a machine created to put yourself in a position to be able to see from a different point of view. You can listen to someone else's voice and see through their eyes as you do through your own.

In order to participate you need to send an audio file to the email address with the subject “perspectives on the future” telling about: dreams or fears, plans or perspectives, how you imagine yourself in the coming months or in a distant future, a significant episode of the past that may influence your way of thinking, or simply why people should look through your eyes and experiences.

The audio should be in English preferably otherwise you should indicate the language and add an English translation on the side. Do not worry about mistakes or pronunciation, it is important that your way of speaking is true and as long as it is possible to understand, every audio will be considered. If the recording is not in English or without English translation you can still apply (I will be glad to receive it anyway!), but there is less chance for it to be published.

The track should be a maximum length of 3 minutes and be of good audio quality, meaning you can record it with your phone, but there must not be background noises (no cars, no external talks, etc.) and your voice must be clear.

The recordings that I receive will be selected and used together with the perspectoscope, a machine created for the audio-visual project “perspectives on the future”. Different scenarios will be elaborated from the tracks and insert inside the perspectoscope to make the storytelling more immersive, giving the perception of looking through the narrator’s eyes.

In sending the audio, you accept automatically for it to be collected in my recordings library and to possibly be used in my works. However, you can decide for it to be published with your name or with a pseudonym by way of indication in the email.

I am curious to receive your material!

Thank you for your collaboration,



By: name (fake or real)
Object: perspective on the future
Content: audio of 3 min. max, good quality, in English or with English subtitles if possible.
Deadline: 01/11/2020
Ficha Técnica
Marta Santone

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Marta Santone is an Italian artist graduated from Brera Fine Arts in Milan in 2019, with a master in sculpture. Her research is focused on the concept of inhabiting a place, with an attention in the relation in between the artwork, the audience and the surroundings. Her work often involves narrative or storytelling, using different media to create an immersive environment. Living in between Portugal and Italy, she participated to the artist residency RAMO (Caramanico, 2019), to the exhibitions The Wolf barks every night (Genova, 2018), Tiro no Espaço (GNRtion, Braga, 2017) and Elettricamente (Museo Tecnica Elettrica di Pavia, 2016).